Motorcycle starter spins but doesn t engage

Over time the contacts in it gets burnt and does not supply the current needed for the starter. While holding the key switch on start, push, pull, squeeze, twist the wiring harness while watching for a voltage drop. I was adjusting my chain tension tonight and while the bike was up on stands, after I'd tightened everything back up and lubed up the chain, for one reason or another I started up the bike - still on the stands, in nuetral, kickstand down - and got a hair up my keister and hopped on the bike Then you'll know whether there is broken wire/short between ignition and starter. So again starter was engaging and turning engine over, now just spins and doesn't turn engine over. a. Push start and it spins but doesn't engage. it went in easy, the rebuild was easy. that way the starter motor turns fine but the rollers don't grip what they oughta and the engine doesn't turn. Apr 23, 2017 · Starter spins but will not ingauge and turn over the motor, I can not hear anything, 300 e Suzuki 1988, Battery is - Answered by a verified Motorcycle Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. I've also tried rocking the bike back & fourth with it in gear, thinking possibly starter hung but no change. A few months ago, the truck wouldn’t start. If the gear turns, but the flywheel doesn't, the starter clutch isn't grabbing the surface of the big gear. . Virago Starter Repair The Virago is no different than any other motorcycle manufacturer when it comes to having defects in design or manufacturing. If so, but it doesn't turn, then what is your battery voltage? If it doesn't pop out to engage the big gear on the clutch hub, then check battery voltate. It’s caused by a problem with the mechanism that engages and disengages the starter. May 25, 2018 · The ignition switch must be in this position before the driver can remove or insert the key. Instead, the starter pushes the smaller gear out to engage with the flywheel with a part called the Bendix, which is not much more than a big electromagnet. Once you’ve identified which problem you’re dealing with, then you can start to remedy it. Jun 02, 2010 · It means that either the bendex in the starter is bad, starter drive is shot, or theres teeth missing on the gears (either motor or starter) and just spinning. I have lights, etc, etc. 4. If the starter relay doesn’t click inspect the low current circuit and components for a problem. Remove the starter and test to see if the Bendix thrusts out, and check to see that the flywheel does not have Nov 24, 2019 · Knowing the signs of a failing starter motor; can help you diagnose the problem. The starter clutch assembly is Kawasaki p/n 13193-1006 and is used from before 1981 up to the 2005 Police bike. Dec 30, 2013 · If that doesn’t work and you’re sure the lock cylinder isn’t the cause, try swapping the starter relay with another relay with the same part number. I just rebuild my electric starter on my 350 rancher. 8 Jul 2017 1973 - 1979 F-100 & Larger F-Series Trucks - starter spins but wont engage engine constantly - How are yall today? i am having a problem with  Starters with their one way gear failing often present the same symptom of spinning at high speed since it isn't engaging the engine flywheel to . Jun 12, 2011 · First off, it's easy enough to pop off the starter and verify that electrically and mechanically it is OK. Acting as a switch to deliver a high current from the […] Unplug the solenoid wire. Push starting would work until you fix/replace the starter clutch. However, if something goes wrong, the starter may turn, but   9 Sep 2015 I have a 3020 diesel. Jun 09, 2012 · The more I investigate the more I'm leaning towards to the starter going bad. The first step to make these bikes electric-start was by replacing rather than because they won't engage. Starter just spins when using the electric start, don't hear the motor cranking over at all. I have swapped out to a new starter- new -a different Dura II spark box, changed out ignition switch starter relay and still it will not disengage -does anyone have any ideas on this----it is keeping me from firing up my new 302 engine thanks in advance for any advice given. Dec 11, 2012 · If the starter motor spins reluctantly and sluggishly, the battery might be nearly dead. Sure a garage full of old CanAms and Café Racers that don't run sounds cool, but it doesn't supply any logic for winning an argument when bill time comes around. CHECK THE PLUG FOR WETNESS If kicking and bump starting the engine don’t work, it’s time to look for a May 15, 2009 · The starter clutch is slipping and should be replaced. I do see it used a lot on lawn tractors and lawn mowers. With the clutch properly assembled this turns the basket, which engages the gear on the crank, then the crank turns. Starter free spin CB750. Jump from that terminal to the positive on the battery. The battery seems fine so I am wondering if it is the starter or something else electrical. So I decided to hook a battery up to the old starter to see what was wrong hoping I could combine the two bad starters to make one good starter, well the old starter suddenly Don't miss out on the latest from VMAX Motorcycle Forum! About 1 1/2 years ago I replaced my starter clutch. When the starter spins but doesn't engage the engine, like your starter solenoid is broken or you're missing some teeth on the flywheel or whatever the starter engages, it's not a chugging sound: it's more like a screech or a high scream. It seems, like it couldn´t turning over the engine. Starter Motor Spins, But Does  8 Aug 2017 But I thought I'd put it all together and lead you through both triaging a allows the spinning starter to engage the teeth on the flywheel and spin the engine. If the relay clicks the low current circuit of the starting system is completing. When I put the bike into Neutral and push the starter button all I hear is "click, click, click", but the engine doesn't turn over. please note I said one way gears and should have said one way bearings. If there resistance, probably there's a problem in the pistons or crankshaft. If you bike won't start the first thing to check is the battery. The starter relay should click. Trail Tech X bars and clamp, White brothers ign. you will have the internal gears off, broken teeth, or the nut that holds it all on has come off, but to get to it you haft to literally taake the hole motor apart My husband thinks it is the starter clutch because it seems "seized" and slightly off-centered. Drop us a line or give us a call and let our expert customer service team help you find exactly what you're looking for, every time. If the starter spins but does not engage the engine then your bendix is not funtioning properly. The starter may also flop around, slip, chatter or fail to engage depending on how loose it is. com is dedicated to the Honda CB750 SOHC and DOHC motorcycles and to their owners who love to ride, restore, and customize them. Sep 14, 2018 · If it still won’t spin and you don’t hear anything when you hit start, try roll-starting the bike by getting some speed (ask a buddy to push) and put the clutch down in second gear. Unfortunately, you'll need to leave this type of diagnostic work to a qualified Starter Motor Repair: This instuctable will show you how to repair a starter motor off a Toyota Corolla FXGT. If it were on a auto it sounds like the starter does when it fails to engage flywheel & just spins. Is on battery tender 24/7. That cranks the engine and starts the combustion cycle. The starter itself is comprised of two main parts: the starter motor and the solenoid. the starter is spinning it in a clockwise rotation. with a 4AGE engine. lol Last, I have intermittent voltage regulator issues. ,Armadillo bumper, Nicholas Cycle race carb. Something about kick-back protection. I opened it up and had a look inside. That in itself will prevent most of the issues surrounding the starter clutch. So, This is the second time in 5 years I've had a starter fail the first one wouldnt shut of, But I wanted to ride to a show in Sacramento, so I just Save for the hassle of having to remove the left side cover, which also houses the alternator, removing the starter on the CB450 is relatively easy. An engine that fails to crank, or cranks slowly, is a major inconvenience. [ D a i l y B i k e T h r e a d ] - /dbt/ - "/o/ - Auto" is 4chan's imageboard for discussing cars and motorcycles. This was the first major work I've ever done to any Sep 18, 2009 · Everything spins, but nothing even remotely tries to turn over. As a guest you can view the forum and photo galleries, but you have to register before you can post or view attachments. If the batter is 12. At this point I am frustrated and throwing things around. The Starter Clutch. If the solenoid doesn't get energised the the starter wont spin. SOURCE: 2010 harley dyna wide glide. This is very expensive to fix so pull and clean the starter ASAP. Ok: If you've never replaced the rubber timing belt than it's overdo by time alone and close by miles and still overdo. But it seems to turn at full speed also when in fails to engage. 96 Dyna wide : while shifting into 4th acted like I mixed the gear tried again nothing. Attached to the solenoid are two thick red wires, one from the battery and the other to the Starter spins but doesn't engage When I hit the stat button, nothing. The best way to avoid issues with the starter clutch on a V Star 1100 is to learn the proper starting procedure. Recently got it's engine redone. The situation here is that your car won't start. There are times when you'll turn the ignition switch and hear the starter activate but will not hear the motor crank over. From what you're describing, if you mean the starter just spins but doesn't engage and turn the engine - it's most likely the starter motor itself that would need to be replaced. Mar 12, 2020 · Let me add a piece to the puzzle, when the starter spins by connecting it with a wire the starter gear doesn’t engage the flywheel. The manual calls for about. If you have a helper turn the ignition key to start, you'll be able to trace the underhood click. 1. I disconnected the battery and found some corrosion on the Jun 18, 2012 · I have to rotate the flywheel back and forth to free it up at which point the starter will engage and start the engine. No it doesn't. of the spring clip on the #4 gear losing it's tension. When the starter stops, a spring pushes the starter gears back out of engagement. You can hear the solenoid activate and pop out, but the starter motor just spins. If the starter does not spin fast enough it will not go up properly. Aug 30, 2017 · I will have to make the assumption here that your car will not start even with a jump start. The ball clutch allows the engine to "over run" the starter gears after starting. When I hit the start button, the starter motor spins just like it always has, but the engine doesn't turn at all. tried other gears nothing clutch still works. If the starter doesn't slide into place easily, it can sometimes be helpful to rotate the starter drive gear a little until it engages easily with the driven gear. I though this engine was prevented from rotating in reverse because the starter worm/ring relationship. TTR 125's are bullet proof bikes that hold resale value like no other. good luck The starter motor bolts onto the side of the transmission housing and uses a starter solenoid to kick the small gear inside the starter for the transmission. I did unplug the green wire at the starter and hit the starter button and the starter did not spin or anything. This is a new pr When checking out a starter motor it is a good idea to remove it from the car and lock it firmly in a vice. The spinning action screws the pinion back down its thread and out of engagement  When working properly, turning the ignition key activates the starter solenoid and engages the starter. At some point, cleaning the battery terminals and connectors may no longer help if the corrosion has already spread throughout the length of the cables. This is because if the switch is stuck the starter drive stays engaged also. With that in mind, when you turn the key and the starter doesn't spin or spins there are four awesome things about collecting vintage motorcycles. Don't put any oil or grease on the helix as it will catch dust and dirt and cause more problems. While putting it in I connected the ground then connected the positive (read different things about which So it basically does nothing. It doesn't need to. "I don't like electrics" Well either the starter isn't spinning fast enough to engage the clutch or the starter clutch is bad. Does the solenoid just route power to the starter or does it control the engagement too. Well, it makes one quick pop or grumble at the start, and then nothing at all. Oct 20, 2012 · Hey guys, I have a 1981 Harley Shovel (1340) that has been sitting for a few years so my old man picked it up cheap. My 2007 Frontier with 44,000 miles, and automatic transmission, doesn't want to start- but finally does. You can connect the battery wires to the starter and run it while it is disconnected from the engine. We downloaded a Service Manual and adjusted the cable. Turn the gear the same direction and see if it engages tightly and doesn't slip. When did Ural Add Electric-Start? Ural was kick-start only when the bikes were introduced to the USA in 1994 through 1997. Sounds like you've snapped them. It's not starting with ease. Right now that doesn't explain the engine dying out on you but a broken belt would. Read more. I haven't had any problems with my 2010 XC but am wondering if this is an engineering weakness. Mar 01, 2014 · The kick lever engages a gear in the tranny, this spins the shaft in the tranny to turn the clutch hub. Hi David. For the starter motor to work; make sure that your car battery is in excellent working condition and fully charged. Starter engages but doesn't spin the motor. You turn the key to start, and you get nothing. I pulled the The starter gear is on a screw type shaft and is spring loaded so that when current is released it returns back into the starter. and the manual and rotor shows ccw is the rotation of the engine. Not a crash, as the bike is not under power at the time of the dump. Loosen the starter bolt closest to the center of the engine, but remove the other one. In Yamaha’s case, it is the starter employed by the Virago that has become the primary complaint. Yes a bad solenoid can cause this problem. [ QUOTE ] Starter Cranks Engine Too Slowly Engine Will Not Crank Starter Motor Spins, But Does Not Crank Engine Starter Motor Spins, But Will Not Stop. Starting Problem, Starter Clutch spins but doesn't engage motor. Went to fire it up in preparation for May 31st annual inspection due date, and to post the bike for sale. The breakdown on the repair bill is: Brand new starter from Mercury $291. I'm not sure about the "spinning" but if you have a charged battery and new plugs then maybe the starter or solenoid is going out. It doesn't make any noise at all. Ron explained the whole story really well but I might add that it could be the Bendix drive clutch slipping. when i picked the bike up I tried to fire it up at the deallers but the starter motor just spins up and ocasionally catches to turn over the engine. Re: Go Kart Not Starting from the ignition by blknight42 » Mon May 12, 2014 11:32 am He is saying if the starter turns (by jump) but does not engage (turn motor over) it is likely the starter clutch (not solenoid) I would add. Re: Starter spins but won't engage flywheel Centrifugal force makes the bendix go up. When I jump the solenoid connection the starter spins, but doesn't engage and so from what I have read, I am sure the field coils are toast. 240 said, it is the solenoid. I can't seem to figure out what is wrong with the bike. My starter wouldn't even engage at all. The starter works fine, and the only remaining component is the relay. Source(s): Honda & Suzuki Service Technician Graduate of MMI (Motorcycle Mechanics Institute) Phoenix Az. Slow Crank: The starter will crank, however, the engine RPM is slow to start the vehicle. Starter won't  Motorcycle Starter System Troubleshooting If the starter relay doesn't click inspect the low current circuit and components for a problem. doesn't fire. Apr 27, 2010 · Battery is new and tested in another machine. One thing to try considering that this seems to be an intermittent problem: IF the starter seems to be working OK (or at times OK) but won't engage the flywheel, when that happens, place the transmission in gear and roll the bike a couple of inches and try again. A starter pinion has a sprag clutch built into it that stops the starter from being over sped when the engine starts and the starter is still engaged. Now when I try to start it, I hear the clicking noise, the starter *doesn't* engage, but it does spin continuously. It does this about 80% of the time (the other 20% of the time, it catches right away, and gives me trouble-free riding until I turn it off). If it's not hot start here. In this case, the problem may be due to the gears connected to the flywheel. This bike had had the stator replaced two years ago, but I don't know if the starter was addressed. 4 Answers. It doesn't happen often but when it does, the starter won't budge the engine. don't worry if your car is not the same, most Japanese starter motors are very similar and this guide will get you through most of them. The starter doesn't engage when the clutch is in either. Jan 21, 2013 Motorcycles. Top 10 Scooter Problems & How to Solve Them! Posted October 28, 2009 The following information is for informational purposes only. The clutch doesn't look like it has much heft for the amount of starting torque this big engine has. I'm leading towards this being an expensive transmission problem instead of a relatively inexpensive starter or electrical problem. It's possible to replace parts of the starter without having to buy a whole new one. Apr 21, 2008 · An aluminum box, a motorcycle battery, a remote Ford starter solenoid and a starter button finish if off. Sorry if I didn't make it clearit is not spinning freely inside the clutchthe clutch is operating fine, and the starter spins fine outside of the bike, and will spin fine when the compression release is engaged while in the bikehad the clutch checked, and it was OKstarter is OKstarter works fine, but not when I am trying to start the bike. Guide the starter back into place, making sure the starter drive gear engages correctly with the driven gear on the back of the motorcycle's clutch basket. Once the engine starts, it spins the pinion faster than its own starter-motor shaft. Jul 03, 2009 · When you press the start button, the starter motor turns the starter clutch, which turns the crankshaft. What could be wrong? Anything less than this and your car won't start. Obviously your Starter is working just fine, if it wasn't there would be no spinning of the starter gear-train which is resulting in the Starter Clutch "spin and screech". It then engages a big ring gear, usually on the flywheel, to start the engine. The past few years, it has only been ridden 20 miles or so to get its annual inspection. It helps in starting the engine by performing two functions: 1. These are the first things that came to mind from your description. If you sometimes start it is probably the infamous STARTER CLUTCH problem NOT THE STARTER. No but I didn't expect it to since it's not in neutral. The side cover must be removed, as it’s otherwise not possible to re-engage the starter drive chain once the starter has been removed, as the photos will make clear. If the starter does not turn, either the starter is bad or the engine is stuck. I don't know where the starter is on this bike, but it should be nestled between the engine and the airbox. The starter motor spins fine, but the engine doesn't turn over. If the starter spins like a banshee, back up to the solenoid and run jumper cables from battery straight to the solenoid, use a screwdriver to jump across the red terminal from the battery positive side to the small wire terminal from the ignition key circuit. However, when powered, it should send a signal to the starter relay once the key is turned or the starter button is pressed. There’s no binding whatsoever. If the fuses are good, the problem is most likely with the starter and you'll have to order a new one to replace. Accessory: In this position, the ignition switch supplies battery power to the vehicle’s accessories, such as the radio and lights. Jun 19, 2009 · Ural Electric Starter: Troubleshoot and Repair - posted in Nuts 'n' Bolts: This note was formed to help other owners with problems centered on the electric-starter system on 1998-to-2005 Ural motorcycles. Starter Motor Spins, But Will Not Stop Engine Maintenance Check It can be frustrating when your lawn mower or small engine starter won’t engage, but there are solutions you can take to prevent and correct starter problems. 5 volts. But it wasn´t, because the issue stays even with a new battery. After it is warmed up the starter motor spins but doesn't engage to turn the engine over. The starter may spin but won’t engage so you’ll have to do it on start, then off so you don’t burn up the starter motor. Whats the problem? Also, just for laffs, pulled off kicker cover. I can even turn the idle gear by hand, which is doesn't seem like I should be able to do. Just bought ours this week and cannot get the Diff Lock to work. If you hear the starter motor spin, but the engine doesn't crank - the starter clutch is defective. Video-So you are dealing with a starter on your Harley Davidson that activates and you can hear it spinning, but it doesn't engage the starter ring gear-thus it doesn't turn over the motor. This tells you it could be a bad starter neutral switch or a bad key switch but about 99% of the time it’s a bad starter or starter solenoid. Starter motors are used to rotate an engine to begin the starting process. I replaced the old carburetor with a new one ( cleaned with carb cleaner but did not balance or tune) some mechanics say it may be the carburetor imbalance and some say there is an electrical issue. mod, loud Nicholas cycle drag pipe Re: Starter keeps turning even when key is in off position You didn't indicate if the motor is starting or not. Any suggestions would be appreciated. If the starter doesn’t come on even when the light comes on, you may need to replace the starter. Jul 12, 2010 · You don't need to remove the starter motor to do this—that's why the shims have a slotted end. It sounds like a car starter when the bendix is shot and won't turn the flywheel. If it's worn out to the point that the solenoid isnt passing current, might as well look into a new one to be safe. Spin the starter gear by hand and run it up and down the helix several times. Unfortunately, I just didn’t have the time to learn while doing. If one end moves enough to make the starter run the other end will move enough to engage the flywheel unless something is broken or worn out. If I. If one of these teeth becomes worn or chipped, the starter will spin. It spun well, but the test said it failed (I assume due because he plugged it in as a car starter). its not engaging the engine. Dual Sport: A motorcycle designed for use on and off road, with a bias toward on-road. Failing that, check for a loose ground. Normal cranking speed for the engine is about 200 rpm. I have zero idea why the gears are suddenly not able to engage the engine. If you Hook jumper cables to the battery it does the same thing. Many individuals procrastinate when it comes to replacing their starter, as it can be a pricey fix if taking it to the local dealer. I’m using both an Ancil PB100 circuit tester and a multimeter to make sure current is reaching the start button or other components. Here's the troubleshooting procedure for you. 5V or better, then you either have a bad solenoid or a faulty/poor electrical connection in the starter circuit. If you have a volt meter, check the voltage at the battery with the engine running. It is mounted on the upper side of the column, so you need to stand on your head. Amp is fine, battery is good but it doesn't start. In this case, you'll want to inspect the fuses next to the relay or CDI. A PO likely failed to torque it. So right now I’m stuck because I can’t get the electrical starter to engage when I push the start button. Thinking the battery was toast, I replaced the battery. You turn the key and you get nothing or maybe a click and some dimming of the idiot lights. It turns but makes a grinding noise as it spins. Jan 23, 2019 · If the engine won't turn over and the starter is good, then there could be a mechanical issue. The starter correctly lines up with the gear that it spins (starter clutch I'm assuming). Will have to use the choke again. I have 82 bull. whoever did it cut the head off, welded it and then grinded it down smooth. I do have the Suzuki repair manual for this model, but it doesn't have an exploded view of the opening where the starter gear meets the clutch. Sometimes the engine won’t crank even though the starter will spin. If it doesn't spin right up = bad starter. Jun 11, 2014 · My Husky TE 310 (2011) doesn´t start hot or cold, with e-starter. Here's a drawing taken from the Kawasaki EX250 Motorcycle Service Manual, page 8-17, which shows an exploded diagram of the parts of the Starter Clutch. So, whether your car or truck is a Ford, a Chevrolet, a Nissan, a Mazda, a Dodge, a Chrysler, a Toyota or whatever, this starter bench test applies. Seems like there is no gas. testing a starter motor off the vehicle. The starter should spin. Remove the starter and inspect the drive gear for damage that could indicate a misalignment with the ring gear, and replace. Jan 12, 2016 · The most obvious warning sign that a problem with the starter relay exists is when the vehicle won't start when you engage the ignition process. It just turns really fast. No harm to be done there, so don't sweat it. Another overlooked contributor to “heat soak” is corroded battery cables. If your engine won’t start, the engine itself should be thoroughly checked first to eliminate common engine problems (like a fouled spark plug or fuel issues) as the cause of starting difficulty. Without having the bike here to examine, it's impossible to say exactly what the problem could be. It has a new battery and solenoid but the starter is original. The lever that is attached to the starter drive(or bendix as you call it) is attached to the solenoid plunger on the other end. 6. Jun 07, 2011 · Once I had it installed I push the start/stop button and the starter just spins and doesn't engage the flywheel. We do have a variety of starter motors on hand to fit variety of The starter is a small electric motor with an armature ending in a gear. Or perhaps it is just the starter motor that needs cleaning. The place I bought the battery from said the internal welds were bad although it read 12. Gears are made from a tough alloy; once torqued, the combination of friction (from the nut) and amount of tooth engagement, is stone-reliable. If its a 150cc motor it has a Starter Clutch inside the left cover behind the Stator. Dec 11, 2012 · Ok for a bit when I go to start my bike it would spin a little get like the starter would kick out stop spining the motor and just spin and then for the next 500 times start perfect it kept doing it more often mainly after it has set for a few hours seems like after it was started you could As you mention the starter is in constant mesh with the limiter and ring gear on the alternator rotor so if your starter spins but the engine doesn't you need to check the gear teeth, limiter, and ball clutch. If your Ford starter won't engage, you need to troubleshoot the starter to determine if it is the battery, ignition, starter motor or starter solenoid that's causing the problem. Before we start, this article requires that you either have a decent understanding of current and voltage, or have read the "Volts, Amps and Waterwheels" article in this FAQ. As I said previously, I would have liked to have tackled the starter my self, since it’s easily accessible. 5 volts, but when I hit the starter button, it dropped to 4 or 5 volts. 273180 Tractor Battery is only a few months old. If the starter relay is clicking, but the starter motor is not turning, there is a problem with the high  20 Jul 2019 Motorcycle Starter Spins But Won't Catch? If the bike turns over normally without laboring, chances are pretty good the problem lies in either the  Starter Cranks Engine Too Slowly; Engine Will Not Crank. Only mentioned here in I have a 2007 R1200GS with less than 2,000 miles on it. My bad battery showed 12. Jan 04, 2010 · My son has a 2005 Yamaha Grizzly 125. Atv Solenoid Just Clicks Jan 28, 2020 · The photo of the starter motor used in this article is of a 2000 Mazda Protegé. Kind of lost on what is causing it? Switch, solenoid or starter itself? This is on our Gravely 34Z with the 15hp kawasaki twin. Quad rips once I bump start it. The headlights are bright and don’t dim when you turn the key, and everything else electrical seems to work fine. Mar 22, 2010 · Here's the odd part - at first when I was doing this, a few days ago, the starter would engage with the flywheel but wouldn't turn it to start the engine - the clicking noise would persist as long as I was turning the key. Cables are tight Replaced the solenoid too. It worked great, but spun the wrong direction. crank no start or no crank no start . The starter is always engaged to the engine, with a one way clutch. THE STARTER by Lorne Goldman at the eMog Pub. Most bike engines rotate the same direction the wheels rotate when you're going down the road. When the ignition is turned to the start position an electromagnetic relay called a start solenoid is energized. Regardless, it won't hurt anything. If the starter spins but won't engage, then the Bendix is not engaging the flywheel. why? If the starter spins but won't engage the clutch ring gear, then it may be the either the starter solenoid that won't slide in far enough due to sticking or the bendix at the end of the starter shaft won't engage or engage far enough to the ring gear. If you are, the starter motor is likely defective. If the starter spins but doesnt engage, the solenoid is most likely the issue, not the brushes. Issues with the starter are sometimes mechanical in nature. Only problem (according to the seller): when the engine is cold the starter mostly doesn't catch and spins free, but when it catches, the engine starts up easily. Starter spins but not engaging gear to turn motor Discussion in ' Dakar champion (950/990) ' started by hardroadking , Sep 9, 2009 . Get shopping advice from experts, friends and the community! Craftsman 917. Sometimes the starter engages and it is fine and some times I get this whine. I can keep trying and eventually it will engage the starter and the mower will start. When I go to replace it it starts charging Apr 23, 2020 · Battery is holding a charge, but it won't start the bike even when it's attached to the charger. The first step (although at this point it doesn't tell you the root cause) is to find out where the click is coming from. Not to mention the benefits of a newish rider that doesn't rely on the lazy button. Even if I try to use the kick starter nothing happens. Jan 21, 2013 · If the starter doesn't engage an spin the engine this would be a no crank no start condition . So knowing that works, it should spin, regardless, even if it isn't enough to turn the motor or starter spins but doesnt engage Ive had a starter problem with the bike- tip sensor failed which has now been replaced. I need to go find our multimeter to check voltage, but battery was the first thing we checked, topped it off and charged it, and tried starting the bike while on the charger. Find the Parts Unlimited Starter Motor - SMU0394 at Dennis Kirk. And the self-loosening clutch nut is not a common problem. So the solenoid works, its drawing current, and the starter gear is engaging the flywheel. Shop our complete selection of Cruiser Motorcycle parts and accessories including the Parts Unlimited Starter Motor - SMU0394. When I hit the starter button there was nothing. The tension Jul 11, 2019 · I can hear it engage, but it won't turn it over. New Jersey sales tax $23. Put the volt meter on the hot wire, the ground to ground. If the starter motor spins very quickly, probably the electric-magnetic clutch on the starter motor isn't catching the crankshaft. The worm gear spins very quickly when I rotate the engine backwards, too. The way this works is that the starter relay applies 12v to the solenoid in the starter; the solenoid activates and moves a lever which 'throws' the gear into engagement with the flywheel and also closes a contact inside the starter that puts the juice to the main starter windings. The amount of movement the cable moves is ~1/2" travel. We mention also the 4wd will not engage, and will seek guidance in another post. The engine's flywheel has a ring gear that the starter gear, called the drive gear, engages with. and sells for around $76. The end of the starter shaft spins a 1/2" socket extension and a 3/4" socket spins the bolt on the end of the crankshaft. I assume this is because the starter relay and solenoid isn’t energized, correct? I asked him to do it again and push the starter button to power the relay, the gears still didn’t engage My problem was similar to yours and it turned out to be my battery that was only 1. So I boost it and go to the local shop, purchase a new one. Try to start the engine with the crankcase cover off. « Reply #12 on: April 16, 2015, 04:17:40 pm » No we decided not to repair the starter clutch at this time, although we could have because I found the pins and springs that had fallen out. If you have questions, we have the answers. As stated above, electronic keys do not have a manual ignition switch. If I give the start button just a quick jab, and then try to start normally, then the starter motor will often engage normally. Reply 1500 Interstate, cannot reinstall starter I'm trying to get my Wing back on the road after two years of sitting. The solenoid spins the starter but does not engage it, the bedix is what throws the starter gear out. I haven't seen this type of starter used much on motorcycles. Also, check the gap on the spark plugs to make sure they are properly gapped if you haven't already. This is the gear that rises up and engages with the ring gear around the flywheel. Replaced the starter and exchanged it for even another new one. Haven't even checked on the '03 Z1K to see if it spins. Miscellaneous shop supplies / parts $25. PartsGiant. Next check for ground at the starter relay control. Dec 29, 2018 · The starter solenoid is a small cylinder attached to the lawn tractor’s frame near the starter motor. when i put it back in, connect it, and hit the start button, it just spins. I am assuming it is a pre engage type starter & not an old inertia type as they only have one terminal Just because the starter spins doesn't mean 30 May 2017 To expand on @Draw3D's answer: If you can hear the starter spinning - and you' re sure it's the starter - but the engine isn't turning over, then the starter solenoid  20 Feb 2016 This video is all about the Bendix gear on a starter motor. The starter clutch mechanism is part of the starter, and can be inspected by disaasembling the starter motor. 5 comp. Modquad dip stick & billet gas cap. A quick check for a starter can be to jump it with another battery to see if it spins. It's all part of the starter motor assembly, which isn't super-expensive. When I hit the starter button the starter will spin and sounds like it might be trying to engage the ring gear but doesn't. Sometimes your car starts, sometimes it doesn’t. The starter motor itself has a device, called a Bendix gear, which engages its pinion with the gear ring on the flywheel only while the starter is turning the engine. Took the starter in to get tested they said they don't have a propor tester for the motorcycle starter, so he did it as if it were a car starter. Oct 19, 2013 · I'd have the opportunity to buy a '82 Maxim 750 that seems to be in great shape according to pictures and what the seller says. The starter and the battery are connected with each other through thick wires, and if the battery is discharged or doesn’t have enough power, the starter won’t be able to work properly. This sprag or over running clutch may be failing. So if the starter spins, the solenoid is basically working but Try connecting directly to the starter motor, if possible. no crank, no turnover, no movement at all. It sounds like the the bendix on a car that is bad and won't engage. Starter spins but does not engage the flywheel - posted in Sledding - General Discussion: I just finished a nun job and now the starter does not engage. Level on the ammeter is in the middle. Apr 12, 2006 · my starter wont engage everytime actuley wont engage most of the time what do i need to do starter just spins i know there is a 1 way clutch or something in HELP STARTER WONT ENGAGE - KZRider Forum - KZRider, KZ, Z1 & Z Motorcycle Enthusiast's Forum May 02, 2018 · You hear a whining or whirring sound, and the engine doesn’t crank: This is a sign of a condition known as “freewheeling,” in which the starter motor isn’t engaging the flywheel, and is instead spinning freely on its own. Apr 07, 2018 · Starter not engaging starter just spins Harley 1998 Wide Glide Evo spinning noise. It disengages as soon as the engine picks up speed, and there are two ways by which it does so - the inertia system and the pre-engaged system. As h. If that switch doesn't disengage when you let off the key and go to run or off position, your starter motor will run til the cows come home, or at least till the batt goes dead or the starter burns up as these motors are made for strictly intermittent use. After a couple of attempts of using the handlebar button with just spinning I will use my axillary starter button that I have wired directly to the starter and the starter engages and works fine . what am I missing here! But starter still doesn't engage. Mine failed this way once. If the starter turns, but the engine does not, the starter gears or starter clutch is bad. First, i thought, the battery is dead. Click No-Crank: The solenoid clicks but the starter doesn’t crank. But if you're keep having the same problem. 2005 Superglide. I tested it. The starter is out of Video-So you are dealing with a starter on your Harley Davidson that activates and you can hear it spinning, but it doesn't engage the starter ring gear-thus it doesn't turn over the motor. 1 Answer. It should have ~12. weak solenoid, defective starter drive or broken teeth on the. starter motor and hot starting problems. This is a new problem. I am getting a very loud audible solenoid click but the starter does not do anything. Don't ignore it because if it happens to be a dirty shaft and sticking starter drive gear then it can partially engage with the starter ring gear (on the "flywheel") and tear up flywheel teeth. It spins without any contact. Dumping the Bike: When a bike falls over. We went riding and after about a half hour the problem resurfaced. If it comes from the starter, your problem is in the solenoid. This is most common and the perfect scenario to sell you a new battery. Lights come on when I turn it on, and that's all that happens. The H-D starter is shared with a variety of cars If the starter. Are there any plugs that I could of missed? I am worried that the teeth of the flywheel are worn out in some place. 5 months old. This means the starter motor is rotating 15 to 20 times faster than the engine. Put it on the trickle charger for hours and it did not hold charge. Symptom: Your 6 (or 12) volt bug sometimes doesn't start, you have worn through the sole of your sneakers pushing the car to start it and it is not "cute" anymore. Jan 26, 2019 · Dual Purpose Motorcycle: A motorcycle designed for use on and off road, with a bias toward for off=road. Jan 12, 2016 · 2. Is the clutch cable adjusted correctly, you may need to adjust the cable so that the clutch is released more fully, there will be an adjuster on either end of the clutch cable - adjust it so that the cable is tighter - but there should be a little bit of play left in the clutch - if this does not cure the problem you could have some If the starter motor just spins, you either have a) a trashed flex plate/flywheel with several missing teeth b) a very low battery or poor connections causing low power to the solenoid/starter motor c) a worn out starter motor that’s not spinning fast enough to extend the bendix gear or d) bendix is sticking and not extending properly. Starter (bad motor that needs more current than available to start). The starter solenoid is equally vulnerable to this condition, and thus may not activate the starter at all. When it goes to start you can here the solenoid engage and the teeth must be engaging the flywheel as the lights all dim and if you hurry you can smell the motor heating up under the hood. com is the powersports specialist. If the starter drive gear looks good and solenoid engages starter drive check flywheel to see if all the teeth are there, you'll have to hand turn the crank and visually look to check this. Some people have advocated hitting the starter motor with something solid if it doesn't engage properly, this is the death knell for these starters as the magnets are just glued in. Good luck! If you jump the large terminals of the large relay at the relay you test the power cable from the battery to the relay, and if that doesn't spin your starter (one problem or the problem) is between your positive battery terminal and the large relay since you just verified the starter cable-to-starter connection by applying battery voltage to More often than not when I hit the handlebar starter button I can hear the starter spin but not engage the flywheel . The starter motor on your vehicle will look similar. Make sure the battery is charged. I have a 2000 Chevy S10 (4-cylinder, rear wheel drive, the most basic model). But it doesn’t provide power to the engine control circuits. If the problem persists, it’s not a stuck relay. 5v of power when you hit the button. I have a Toro proline 62" walk behind that I just replaced the solenoid on and after the swap whenever the key is turned the starter spins but does not engage the flywheel. I read a thread where there are some kind of shear pins in the one-way clutch that will snap on heavy load. You can get one online for about $100. There aren't separate circuits for the solenoid that kicks out the little gear, and the starter motor itself, right? If you're saying that the starter spins but doesn't turn over the engine, it sounds like it would be the starter clutch. The starter didn't engage at all so I cleaned out the contacts and tested the starter and it spins but doesn't engage. Edit: Still working good several months in, however, when it is really cold it (-35) it doesn't want to go the first time, I think spins but doesn't engage forward and hit the flywheel, only on the first crank, which I'm guessing loosens it up enough that it engages the flywheel on the second crank. The only thing I did was take the starter clutch cover off and take the starter out. She is quick to express her opinion about any bike we ride, but she's never hinted at dropping money on one. When turned the opposite direction it should turn the flywheel. Scooter does not turn over. Symptom of a failing sprag clutch is starter motor spins but motor doesn't turn over. It never pops up to engage the flywheel. You can hear the struggle Have to be careful because the starter and pos battery cable will get hot quick Battery has 12 volts Added jump pack Added jumper cables from truck Removed battery and just used jump pack Put bike in gear trying to rock It now works great. If it is not starting, and the starter drive is staying enguaged, everything is probably OK. One other thing noticed starter spins but won’t engage, but when bike is in gear it will engage an move bike. Motor turns over but doesn't start? The primary drive gear doesn't engage much tooth depth. piston,+4 Extreme racing swing arm,K & N with Rath racing intake, Pure polaris pipe,180 main jet. Attempt to start the engine and listen to the starter relay. Yesterday I pulled the starter and sprayed the end of the spline gear and where it engages in the engine at it seemed to work. Clutch doesn't fully disengage power when pulled in. I was able to jump/bump start it again no problem. 22 Sep 2019 You can hear the starter spinning, but it's not engaging. I have a problem with my starter not disengaging, go to the start position and then run and the starter stays engaged. Re: Starter turns when hooking up battery (key not in ignition) Dad23; No, the ignition switch in on the steering column, about 3/4 of the way towards the floor board from the steering wheel. When I go to start it kind of whines. Jun 27, 2015 · G'day Mates. Jan 31, 2020 · If the starter engages but does not disengage when you let go of the key, the solenoid is likely bad and the starter may suffer significant damage as a result. This procedure is only for those times when the starter doesn't even try to crank the engine. While motorcycles are as different from one another as their riders are, there are some common trends as to why your motorcycle won’t start or isn’t working properly. Marki, if you mean a Bendix type arrangement you generally only find them on BM's, Guzzis and the like. Questions to ask yourself! i . Jan 21, 2016 · Harley Davidson Dyna Glide: How to Replace Starter. Re: Honda cb400f 75 starter motor doesn't engage. the starter clutch (sprag style clutch) will only engage one way which would be in a counter clockwise rotation and is located in the back of the rotor. If the scooter doesn't turn over when you've done all the required operations, there's an electrical problem with the battery. I'll have to turn the choke on everytime I need to start it. When i hit the starter button, the starter just spins. Sep 24, 2012 · A: The starter drive on Big Twins of this era has a reputation for relatively short life, but there doesn't seem to be a consensus on the cause. Symptom of a failing starter button is no starter motor movement when pushing the button. Loose bolts will make for a weak ground connection. Nov 05, 2013 · Inside look of starter spinning but not engaging So what had happened was i was riding around my motorcycle, which i recently got cleaned carbs etc, because previous owner neglected it, he put Jan 21, 2008 · You should now be able to turn the starter clutch and see if it engages. If you are in an  8 Dec 2015 You could also turn the crank a few degrees to see if the flywheel is warped or damaged. Better 5 minutes late in this world than years early in the next. I bought another starter thinking that the gear would be the problem but realized it's not the starter that does the engaging and it's way more complicated than that. when I press the. I know on my '06 636 the starter did as mentioned above - the bike knew it was running so the button did nothing. (Later models don't use the locktab Starter gear doesnt engage to clutch hub ring! Just spins. The starter motor turns the engine over, but only sometimes, sometimes it just sounds like its spinning, I pulled the primary cover off and everything seems okay, but what would be causing it? Also, when it does work Oct 09, 2006 · Oh yes, check the connections at the starter solenoid (found out the hard way) and at the starter. Aug 29, 2012 · After replacing the battery try to get in the habit of kick starting when it's cold and you'll triple the life of the starter and battery. Bench-test the starter by briefly connecting it to a12-volt power supply while firmly holding the starter down on a bench. The gear could be getting into the flywheel but the Bendix clutch is slipping and so the starter turns but the flywheel doesn't move. A starter solenoid is a major component of an automotive starter system. Jan 10, 2008 · While it's true the brushes in the starter could be worn and therefore not making a solid connection with the commutator, I've found that worn brushes usually don't turn the starter at all, or will turn it just enough to engage the starter gear and then give up. Everything lights up as expected, engine spins rapidly. Here's a the hot side of the starter circuit. That was quite a surprise. hardroadking , Sep 9, 2009 Nov 04, 2015 · “My motorcycle won’t start!” Ask the phone-jockey of your local motorcycle shop or dealership how many times a day they hear those words. How does the starter work? 03 Pred 558 Big Bore, valve job,inline coolers,I-Razors,Razor2s,Hauler 9 paddle, Moose nerfs,Moose brake resovoir cover, 12. I jumped the starter solenoid and I could hear the starter spinning, but it wouldn't engage. Have a friend try the ignition while you check the light. It is your starter clutch, you many not have tighten the nut enough or you put the washer on the wrong way. It's usually my unpleasant chore to justify motorcycle purchases to her. In fairness to Yamaha, many starter problems are created by the owner. With kick it starts anythime without any problems. Before we discuss the starter solenoid problems and bad starter solenoid symptoms, let’s figure out what is a starter solenoid first. Automatic Trans, 44,xxx miles 2007. I was told that there is a one way bearing behind the flywheel that tends to go bad that doesn't let the starter clutch engage the motor. Jan 26, 2019 · The engine easily reverses and drives the worm gear backwards on the starter. The starter clicked a single time when I turned the key, and the lights on the radio came on, but nothing else happened. 5 lbs tension required to rotate the clip in it’s groove on the gear. 5) its the starter, if you do hear it turning, take the starter out of the motor, and turn it over, if not turning still. Your Flyscooter should be looked at by an authorized Flyscooter dealership. If the kick starter will not turn, try putting the engine in third or fourth gear, or even top gear, and pushing it. Jun 27, 2012 · And this: "One doesn't need a working sprag clutch to kick start an e-start bike -- but if one has a jammed sprag, it can lock the electric starter gear train and motor to the crankshaft so that the whole plot turns with the crank. In this case, you'll hear loud screeches, scrapes, squeals, and grinding. Starter solenoid (what you hear clicking is probably the solenoid moving, but if it's not throwing the internal connection to the high load circuit the starter won't turn). The engine is an 18 HP Briggs Vanguard. The starter button won't limit "the juice" - the button only controls the starter solenoid (in the eBox) which in turn connects the battery to the starter. 7-13. If the starter drive had a ratio of 18:1, the starter would be rotating at a speed of 3,600 rpm. Shop our top brands, including Accel, Spyke Starters and Compu-Fire to find all the starter parts and accessories you need for your Harley-Davidson. When a starter pinion spins but does not engage the ring gear it will make a horrible grinding noise. What a weird one! Had a drained battery this past week. I could see it happening that whatever happened with your battery may have caused the starter to spin and the clutch to engage while the bike was still running, which could theoretically ruin the clutch by wearing flat spots on the rollers. Add some distilled water to the battery if you are in a dry climate. Ford and Chrysler products usually have a relay in the circuit. The starter and first stage of the double reduction gearing has very scrawny gear teeth. The unit on my '97 spins but doesn't engage gears every time. kick start gear had a bolt threaded thru where the little "stop knub" was supposed to be. I changed the starter,and battery,but still not starting. Buy CHROME HIGH TORQUE STARTER COMPATIBLE WITH 96-06 HARLEY DAVIDSON FLHT FLHT1 FLHTC Motorcycle & Powersports just spins doesn’t engage. OK. Apr 25, 2012 · I replaced starter twice in 2005 expedition when I finished it started just fine but after running a little I shut it of went back to start it and the starter spins but doesn’t engage not pushing the gear out just spinning. Went to start it today, and the starter just spins, doesn't engage to turn engine. It sounds like you have a drop in voltage problem, more than anything else. Apr 24, 2020 · If it doesn't, check your battery! When you know you have power, check that it’s being transferred properly by switching the red lead to the solenoid’s lower terminal. If the starter motor spins every time you hit the key but 'doesn't engage' then my guess is solenoid is shot or going out. The engagement is mechanical. Alleyoop The gear above the big starter clutch gear is your Idler gear which the starter turns that in turn turns the starter clutch. Brian. The key doesn’t have to be “on” for this test. Sorry to ask but i have only been an auto tech for thirty years an have heard a lot of different discriptions for these simple actions . I'm also wondering if this might be a warranty item. If the solenoid is good, the next thing to check is the starter itself. When the starter motor runs, it spins the drive gear, which spins the ring gear and the flywheel. (maybe blown?) See if the starter is bad, by checking the stud on top of it. Low voltage to the starter due to bad connection, bad battery, bad solenoid switch. I reversed the polarity, and now it turns clockwise like it should. If it is, make sure the fuse hasn't blown. That large gear should only turn freely in one direction. Engine doesn't want to start, but finally does. When the key is turned the starter motor pushes the bendix gear forward to engage the flywheelif the forward motion doesn't happen the starter just spins freely and no start. So, from what I've read since yesterday, I think I understand the starter motor better. On one ride it didn't charge at all. If the starter spins freely but does not engage the starter turns the gear in the second pic. It only spins one way. Nov 16, 2019 · Here are some of the things that sound like a starter problem but could be caused by a dead battery or loose battery terminals: 1. Motor spins fast, battery and starter are good. Jan 23, 2011 · Bike's been starting fine for once a week running while winter rages on here in Michigan. I'd try replacing the starter first before going to much father in diagnosis as it may be that simple (barring it has not recently been replaced). So this sound may indicate that the solenoid in the starter is worn out. Try turning the engine manually, but remove all the spark plugs and see how this feels. Try a new battery. If it hasn't, check to see if you are getting voltage to the starter motor terminals. one day I was driving and it sounded like metal was rubbing together,I pulled over and cut the car off and it had white smoke coming from the passenger from under the hood,with a metal burning smell,ever since the car doesn’t won’t to start. When trying to start my '95 900SS/SP the starter didn't turn over and the battery went dead. Other possible issue: Starter may somehow have lost it's ability to engage and turn the engine but humms away. It’s not the worn teeth on the #4 gear that prevents engagement. If it was a Suzuki I'd say the rollers or the springs that push them onto the drive boss were knackered. Thanks for the infor on the soft screws on the stator cover I will use the impact driver right off on those. All the fuses look ok and I didn't know about a clutch sensor. But again after a half an hour rest it doesn't start up. Apr 19, 2020 · However, if the solenoid mechanism is too worn to engage the flywheel, all you’ll hear is a swishing sound as the armature in the starter spins all by itself, unable to crank the engine to a start. or its associated wiring is the solenoid fails to engage therefore the starter J&P Cycles has the best selection of starter solenoids, starter motors, starter covers and kits, and more to ensure a smooth ride and a clean start for your motorcycle every time. If the starter motor spins and the gear does not engage there can be a few problems. Intermittent operation can be a sign of a failing starter solenoid. Other issues that present like a bad solenoid Checking the Starter: If the scooter won't engage the starter when you press the button, it's probably due to a bad fuse, or problem with the actual starter motor. I'm probably missing something simple and thought I might ask for advice before preceding. When Diagnosing starter motor problems; always start with the battery. belt good. If you turn the ignition key and you hear a single loud click and all the power in the car goes off, then you don’t have a starter problem. So that's a total of 5 connections to check, starter, 2 at the solenoid, and two at the battery. Just like any mechanical device that has more than one moving part they can fail even if every precaution is taken. Spray the starter gear and helix with WD40 or a similar product. This could make kick starting and running virtually impossible. With the choke it runs gud. But Honda doesn't sell parts to repair the starter clutch mechanism. If it doesn't engage, rotate it the other direction to make sure the engine doesn't turn backwards. Or something is stuck on the threaded portion of the starter shaft and it isn't allowing the starter gear you should hear the stater turn, if not check the battery for voltage, if voltage (12. A loose starter may crank an engine slowly, noisily or not at all. Mar 26, 2014 · I can’t get it start with my electric starter (the starter motor works fine, new battery, new plugs) but with a small push it starts. Labor $89. No-Click No-Crank: The solenoid doesn’t click and the starter doesn’t crank. If you don't hold it down securely, like in the jaws of a vice, and it turns out to be good, it will twist rather violently when it spins and possibly fall off the bench onto your big toe - could really ruin your weekend. This is separate from the engine clutch, so the wrong oil wouldn't affect it. Took the cover off the top and I Oct 09, 2019 · To check the starter itself, pull the black wire from terminal 87. Thanks for the response. If it's hot and the nothing spins then get a starter motor. If the starter spins, but it doesn't check the ignition fuse in fuse box. These style starters stay engauged unitl the motor speed exceeds starter speded, at which point the drive should drop out. Several hours later, I attempted to start the truck again, and it started just fine. To redefine, when I hit the starter button, the starter spins freely but doesn't engage the engine to turn it over. motor spins but fails to engage the flywheel, the cause may be a. Bad Electronics: If your engine's main computer or any part of the system's electronics go bad, your car won't start. If the starter motor spins rather normally, something's wrong with the fuel injection or ignition coils. How does a guy know if it is the solenoid, relay or starter itself? Are there certain characteristics for each one so i can decide where to check first. If the engine started and was accelerated to 2,000 rpm, the starter speed would increase to 36,000 rpm. The reason the starter does not engage is because. Remove the starter and test to see if the Bendix thrusts out, and check to see that the flywheel does not have Locate the starter relay. Performing maintenance on your scooter will make your warranty null and void. For Re: Starter Spins but wont engauge when you say just spinning does it make a lot of noise or just spin,if its grinding it needs to be shimmed,are these chevs,if so take main power off starter and then put power to start on solinod it should kick out bendixs,my guess needs shimming. Sep 01, 2019 · If the bike doesn’t start, you will most likely find yourself at the bottom of a hill. The inner Apparent Issues on Newer Vmax's with the Bolts Holding the Starter Clutch Assembly to the Flywheel!!!Has anyone in the group had any experience removing and repairing starters. Hey guys, first post here. If not, it’s a bad starter or solenoid. So if you starter spins but your engine doesn't, then that's pretty much it. 1 is a weak solenoid and another is worn teeth on the flywheel and another could be worn brushes (won't spin Doesn't sound like the fuel pump has failed if you smell fuel in the exhaust but maybe the engine is flooded. 02 Starter turns but doesn’t turn the motor A starter motor’s pinion gear is not constantly engaging the ring gear on the flywheel. motorcycle starter spins but doesn t engage

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